First, sorry this is late. I was caught up in central London with the Royal Wedding.

Second – I know cliches are wrong. I know we ought to avoid cliches. But sometimes, you just can’t help it. The prince has to marry the girl, the bad guy just has to redeem himself in his final moments, the outnumbered must win against over-whelming odds.

And there’s nothing wrong with this. After all, the reason something becomes a cliche is because that’s just the way the story has to go. To have the underdog defeated (or at least, defeated really easily) would just be wrong, to have the hero not get the girl makes the reader feel cheated. A story must fulfil it’s purpose, even if that particular path has been followed a hundred times before.

What’s really important is the way the cliche is written. If the characters are believeable, the dialogue well-written, the language stylish, then you can get away with a plot as old as the stars.

Don’t be afraid of the cliche. Just don’t follow it lazily. Give your cliche a new twist.


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