Say it with Pictures by Karen Fainges

Often you will want to use pictures to illustrate your writing, either to add colour to a non-fiction piece, or action to a children’s story. Not all of us are lucky enough to be artists. Myself, I make sure to write underneath what the pictures so people don’t have guess. It saves time. Now you can take your own quite professional photos with digital cameras and editing software, but there is often a problem with time

So where do you go to find pictures you can use? Google I hear you cry. Ah but how do you know which ones are copyright free and which are not? Here the silence descends.

There are a lot of copyright free picture sites out there that you normally pay a small fee for in order to be able to use anything out of their library. That works well, but you may to be able to browse all the pictures first to see if they have anything worth paying for. Other sites sell paintings, or even commission them.

Myself, I like the word free. Recently I was pointed towards a site Here are pictures from all over the internet that have been shared sin the Creative Commons licence. This normally means you have to say where the pic is from and that it is CC (creative commons) and it’s yours to use. There are different levels of CC, so you can click on the link and immediately know which level this particular image is. Very cool.


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