Software by Karen Fainges

I am a self-confessed geek and proud of it, so I love trying out new dodangles that hit the shops to see if they work for me.  Recently I noticed an advert on Facebook for giving away some free authoring software. Now there is a lot of it out there already and I almost ignored the advert, but I thought, it’s free, what could it hurt, and gave it a try.

ZenWriter is actually pretty gorgeous. It sets up some fancy paper, some soft music and NOTHING else. It worked for me, I got quite a bit of writing done and found the process very pleasant. There is nothing to distract from the writing process but it pleasant to stay gazing at the screen as the next thought hits. This stops you from wandering away to check email or play one more game of solitaire. Well, it worked for me. What program works for you?


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