Just Five Pages

I’m sort of struggling with the latest book. It’s got it’s faults, I know that, and some of it doesn’t make sense, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed in a couple of rewrites.

What I’m stuck with is the end. I’m approaching the finale, and have been for ages – but I haven’t the faintest idea what’s going to happen. I normally have some sort of clue, some sort of resolution to work towards, some gasp-causing moment – but it’s not coming to me this time.

I know it’s probably there in my subconscious, but by now it’s normally knowing on my front brain, demanding to be written. (What an odd image). But this time, it’s staying firmly in my subconscious, and I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m writing towards.

And this is disheartening. I don’t feel any urge to pick up my pen and write because I don’t feel the need to tell the story – the story isn’t screaming to be written. I know it’s there, it’s just not making itself known and without the stories demand to be written, I give in to lassitude.

So what I say to myself is ‘just write five pages’. I write on quite small letter paper, so five pages doesn’t take long at all. Just let my mind wander, and write and aim for five pages.

So far I’ve done this ‘just write five pages’ four times now, and I’ve written two major revelations that I didn’t know was coming, thickened the plot considerably and I can see the ending is almost there.

As long as I keep saying ‘just write five pages’ I can overcome my laziness, and my utter lack of knowledge of what comes next. Just five pages is always achievable. Just five pages is something to aim. and just five pages is long enough for at least one thing to happen.

And usually, just five pages turns into ten, or even twenty.


2 responses to “Just Five Pages

  1. Question: Is it easier to have an specific ending already in mind when you start a book, or is it easier to have just a general ending in mind?

  2. I wish I knew Georgie. I have to do exactly what Michelle is doing. I start not knowing and sometimes, like Michelle, I don’t know till I write it. I have to say that when I do that, the feeling of finding just the right resolution is wonderful. But it’s work.

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