Self Discipline by Christine Duncan In my continual search for some sort of self discipline (and because a writing buddy is threatening to have lunch with me and wants to exchange manuscripts,) I have been trying to make myself sit down to write more.

Lately, I feel as though I am running a continual marathon throughout the day and then I collapse at night. Anyone else ever feel like that? You know, you hit the bank on the way to work, and you pay bills on your lunch hour and you get home and throw dinner on the table before you run out to some meeting and…yeah. That’s how it’s going lately.

So okay, I’m not sure that self discipline is the problem. The problem is there aren’t two of me. But I still want to write–more than one sentence that I’ve managed to compose in my mind on the way home from work while traffic was snarled.

I know the solution isn’t in writing shorter–that, as Pascal observed, just takes longer. I don’t watch all that much TV TV –except for Biggest Loser, V and hmm, Supernatural, I don’t watch any at all. I get my news from the radio while I run, or drive.

I can’t give up church, work, eating, sleeping, reading or running. Actually I tried to give up running this winter, but it just made me cranky and I never did figure out where that extra hour a day went anyway. So it was pointless–and hazardous to my marriage.

I’ve almost given up talking on the phone–well except for my kids. And my sisters. And my best friend.

I’m only on Facebook on the weekend while I wait at the table for my husband to bring back coffee and a shared sweetroll in the local coffee house. NO, I’m not giving up the coffee house. I need that time with my husband.

So what is left?

Most of my house cleaning bit the dust a while back. My dustbunnies have multiplied.

I could stop blogging, I suppose, in favor of “real” writing.
What to do? What to do?

My guess is I’m going to have to give up whining and just do it. Dang. And I was hoping for a shortcut.

Anybody who has one–you know where to find me. Yeah, in my car, figuring out the next line for my book, as I’m stuck in traffic.

Whatever works.


2 responses to “Self Discipline by Christine Duncan

  1. Can sympathize with that. I got my writing on hold until I can get my query letter written.

    Problem is that I’m procrastinating to the point of paralysis.

  2. I have to get my hands on that book. I’ve decided to start working on my self discipline too and want as much material about it as I can get my hands on lol. Even started a blog about it lol.

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