Fan Fic – by Karen Fainges

Reading Michelle and Christine’s posts, I thought of the one place where reader’s questions and the worlds created by authors combine – fan fic. Fan fic is written by fans of a TV show, series, movie or book. They take the world and characters and put their own slant on it. Quite often, these stories are written to answer a question in that person’s mind. What if Superman was gay, or the bad guys just shot Bond instead of tying him up and explaining the plot to him, what would happen then? Fan fic is often quite short.

There are two types of fan fiction, awful and brilliant. Both types are well worth the read as you can work out why one piece worked and one didn’t, even though they may have been working from the same premise. often those that pick up the idiosyncracies of the characters, little personal quirks or phrases, that read really well. That says a great deal about what you should be putting into your own writing. Give some a read, it is well worth you time and often good for a giggle. Beware though, quite often the questions asked are all about sex.


One response to “Fan Fic – by Karen Fainges

  1. I used to write fanfic. It’s where I learnt to write. I didn’t have to bother creating new characters or worlds, it had all been done for me. I could just take these people and play, create new outcomes, missing scenes, delving into their characters, try new styles and techniques. It was a great apprenticeship for when I finally started writing my own stuff

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