Brain Fog by Karen Fainges

Ever had that feeling of brain fog where you can’t seem to remember anything and spend the whole day wondering what it was you were going to do next?

I hate it but it can be useful sometimes. I often find myself daydreaming during this fog, and those daydreams can sometimes make wonderful stories. Allowing your mind to just wander unimpeded by grammar or spell checks may free it to search out ideas you would have never thought of in a normal state of mind. Now sometimes, these daydreams are useless so don’t expect miracles. Still, it only takes one great story idea to make your day better.

Brainstorming works well in this same fugue. Try word associations, doodling and writing about what you see, cloud watching or even meditation. Allowing your mind to go completely blank can be very liberating.


One response to “Brain Fog by Karen Fainges

  1. I’ve been doing that a little in order to help me flesh out and compose my query letter.

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