Another Writing Rule by Christine Duncan I liked Karen’s thoughts about writing it out. Frankly, that was why I began writing again after stopping sometime in my first marriage. In my first never-to-be-published short story, my ex had killed me off and it was the kids who finally figured it out, years later as adults, and put him in jail.

It was probably better than psychoanalysis. It was certainly cheaper.

Of course, I realize this is slightly different than the average mystery writer, who starts out with a story killing off the ex, but there you go. That’s where my head was at.

But that is just a bit of a twist of writing what you know. So many of these adages seem so trite, but you know trite becomes trite for a reason. It is sooo true that it becomes almost boring.

Sometimes the real hard part is figuring out exactly just what it is you know.


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