Questions and eavesdropping

I’ve raved about Twitter before, and I’m about to do it again.

I’ve found social networking to be an invaluable tool as a writer. When I first started writing, I was all alone, and didn’t know how to do any of the practical things, like a synopsis, or finding a publisher.

I know there’s always writing class, but who in a writing class is available to support me when I’m going through the fires of self doubt at 3am?

Twitter came to the fore. There seems to be always someone supportive in my writing friends on there (there seems to be a lot of writers who suffer the fires of self-doubt at 3am).

And – and here’s the really useful thing – if I ask a question, I get answers. Ideas for a ghost story? Here you go. How to write a synopsis? Site suggestion, writewords plus a personal offer from an expert to go through my synopsis.

That’s what I love about Twitter. Ask a question, and get an answer. Follow the right people, and over hear things you didn’t know you needed to know.

Also, it’s great for eavesdropping on other writers – I follow quite a few professional writers I admire, and it’s interesting to see them chat. Recently they all discovered Dropbox – it’s an online place to store your files, that can be accessed from anywhere.

Remember what I was saying about back-up? A few hours after reading that, I realised all my back up copies are in my house, and what would I do if it burned down? (I know, I was watching Neighbours, Lynn’s house burnt down, I got to thinking about these things…). Well, Dropbox stores your files online, so you can access them from any computer. There are other online storage places. I know my internet provider also provides online storage space.

And the best thing is – unlike a writing class, if I’m not in the mood, or I dislike what someone is saying, I can just go, and no-one will mind.


One response to “Questions and eavesdropping

  1. Too true – I think that social networks like Twitter have an unfairly bad rap. I have been able to use them to great effect to improve my skills at writing. It’s good to know that you have too.

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