Writing it Out – by Karen Fainges

Reading Michelle’s post really struck a chord for me. You know that feeling when you have thought of the perfect thing to say to that bully but it is three days later? I know it all too well.

That made me think, maybe I should use that thrilling comeback I just thought of in a story. At least I would get to use it somewhere. 

Writing out the argument had two benefits. First, it got it out of my system. Two, reading it over, I saw what the other person was going on about. My character, who seems a lot smarter than me, could actually steer the conversation into a productive area.  Later, back in the real world, I was able to do the same.

Now I am not saying that it will always work out this way, or that you will have something you can keep in your writing, but it definitely does help soothe the troubled brain.  And occasionally, it will turn out to be a great piece of writing too. Basing conversations on real world experiences can bring the scene creditability and make it seem more real. Just be careful though. You need to leave in the uncomfortable stuttering for it to stay real. This can be hard on the ego but it needs to stay in there or your characters come across as too pat.


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