Back it Up!

. I forgot one very important thing last week -always always ALWAYS back up your work!

And I don’t just mean on your hard drive. Back it up on an a flash drive too.

If everything you write is on paper, photocopy it and store it somewhere sensible – in a completely seperate building if possible.

When I was writing my first book, I had two copies saved, one on my desktop, on on my hard drive. But – disaster. I had no idea my laptop was about to burn out (literally….). I lost everything I’d written. Luckily I still had my hand written notes and could rewrite the book, but there were a few short stories on there I’d lost forever.

When I started using my little netbook, I saved everything onto a flash drive, as well as two different places in my computer. However, even my darling little netbook is not infallible – once, after writing six pages, the entire word processing programme crashed. I lost those six pages.

So lesson 2 – back up as you go along. Hit save every half a page.

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Everything is saved, in three different places, one copy at least seperate from my computer. And I save my work often. It’s not a lesson I’ll forget.


2 responses to “Back it Up!

  1. I have back ups all over the place with my stuff. On the hard drive. On two floppies. On a household computer. Printed copies of everything strewn about. And I back up my important files once a week offsite.

    Knock on wood, I’ve never had that problem, but I’ve had the problem of forgetting to save three pages of a story that I wrote when I closed out the document. Was able to rewrite most of it but I still think that there were a few elements that I lost that were much better than what I wrote.

  2. Also, I just discovered this great new thing called Dropbox. I’ll do a post about it.


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