Reading and Writing (Yes Again) by Christine Duncan I went running with my son this morning, before our latest snow fall. He and I have been discussing on and off, why it is that when some runners pass you, they tend to look superior.
After last fall’s marathon, I tend to have an inner comeback. Yeah, the runner may be passing me, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see them lined up at that starting line. (The fact that if they had been there, they still would have passed me as though I were standing still is irrelevant. They had to show up first, right?) That little ego boost works most every time.
I wish I had a similar one for writing.
You know, I always thought the reason I was a writer was because first I was a reader. I read everything including the small print on advertising, the backs of the vitamin bottle when I’m eating my cereal and just about anything fiction I can get my grubby little hands on. And I’m always intrigued when I find someone who does things a little differently whether it’s writing in the present tense or taking a twist on a genre. (I do have a bit of a hard time when writers write in the 2nd person but that is a whole ‘nother blog post.)
I learned a while back that not every writer feels that way. You know the ones. Rules are rules and we have them for a reason.
For instance, there is a discussion on a writer’s forum I like to frequent discussing one author’s S/F-mystery novel. The mystery writers on the forum came off as judgemental. They wouldn’t read something like that. They needed reality with their fiction.
Tell that to Nora Roberts who writing as JD Robb has had a very successful S/F mystery series. Or Donna Andrews who does a nice series in the same genre mix.
Then there are the writers who turn up their noses at romance and mystery. They tend to make fun of readers of that particular type of novel–try to make it sound like the readers are slightly dim and the writer can’t do any better.
I need a comeback, people!
‘Cause, you know, I don’t write S/F mystery, but I might want to, someday.


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