Easier second time around.

. Now that I’ve put the first book I’ve ever completed aside for a month (to be re-read with a clear mind in a month and given one final check before I try to sell it) I’ve decided to start on the second book.

I always assumed this would be more difficult for some reason, but in fact, it’s easier.

For a start, I know what my template needs to look like – in Courier, double spaced, header with my name, book title and page number – and I have all that set up ready to type into. That’s an improvement on trying to set that after typing everything Times New Roman single spaced, last time.

This time I know enough to decide on themes and trends to run through the book before hand, and write them down instead of discovering them half way through. And I’ve also written down my characters, so hopefully this time I won’t forget a character half way through.

This time, instead of charging straight in, I’ve decided on a structure for my book, with a certain style. This one will be more carefully constructed, instead of flung together as I go.

I know all the tricks to get and keep me writing – a pen I like using, and a comfy desk, writing time set aside, incentives and rewards to get me going over the difficult moments. I’ve made sure I have a good pile of paper, so I don’t run out half way through (I’ve done that before!).

I thought what would be really hard would be finding what to write about. I was worried I’d used all my inspiration on the first one. But no, it turns out I still have plenty of inspiration, and new ideas are popping into my head all the time.

As it turns out, the second book does turn out to be easier to write. I just hope I like it as much as the first one.


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