Oh Well – By Karen Fainges

It’s been a bit good news, bad news this week. My books have been re-released with gorgeous covers and a major new prologue section for the first book that helps introduce everyone to the world of the Chronicles. I also managed to complete the book of all my family tales.

Bad news, I did not complete my fourth in the Chronicles series in 2010. I got about half way life whacked me upside the head. Still, I got a good start on the fourth book, so hopefully it maybe out there soon.

I am convinced the idea of deadlines is the main thing that gets me writing. I agree with Christine, it just seems to get the motivation going. So how am I going to impose my deadlines? Well, my daughter started writing again and I could make sure I keep up with her.

She is on page thirteen of her book and it is growing every day. To be fair, I was thinking maybe I should go five to one on her word count just so I can feel like I can achieveĀ more than a thirteen year old – but what if she beats me? I would never live it down. Still, it is hard to be concerned about that when you are bursting with pride. Her ideas are fantastic and if we can drag her grammar into the 21st century, it should make millions. Unbiased as I am.

Actually, sitting here and thinking about it, I could buy off housework for words written. 2,000 words and someone else has to put the washing into the machine. Hmmm, this could work, because that could slow my daughter down as well. I might try it.


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