My Top Three Writing (related) Gripes of the Year by Christine Duncan

It’s that time of year again, folks. Time to think of what worked and what didn’t.

My first gripe is a bit of a hold over from the year before. You may recall me writing about this.
MapMyRun or MapMyRide has a thing where they tell you they will give $100.00 to the best fitness related article. So I wrote one about why I run. It has always been at the top for views and votes and yet, I never got a dime. And when I wrote them complaining, they said that they had originally planned a PDF magazine which would pay $100.00 to the selected stories but that never came to fruition. However, they acknowledged in their email that my story had been so well received by their membership that they were hoping to showcase it an upcoming MapMyRun newsletter. (Yeah, they really did have the gall, I kept the email to prove it.)

Still no mention of payment. I hope they are wait at least as long for my answer as I’ve waited for payment.

But that isn’t even why I’m upset with these folks. What really gets me is that they still have the original come-on posted on line. They know now that they’re not going to pay $100.00 to anybody yet that is still posted prominently on their website.

My second writing related gripe is on printers. Specifically the Epson Stylus NX400 that my son gave me a while back. We went to replace the cartridge and realized we could not do our normal and just refill the ink. It wasn’t possible. So my daughter spent $40.00 on the cartridges. And we installed them, and installed them. And kept getting the same error message. The printer would not recognize our cartridges.

I went on line to figure out the problem and got one of those fixit websites saying basically that after a court suit in which Epson won the right to make sure that no copycat generic cartridges could be sold, they re-worked their software and now, many of their printers don’t even recognize their own cartridges. Can I tell you how steamed I was to hear that? Furthermore, a visit to the Epson site to solve the problem suggested, get this, reinstalling the freakin’ cartridges. Uh huh. I’ve got an email out there now.

I suppose I will probably end up getting a new printer. Are you surprised to read that it won’t be an Epson?

My last writing related gripe is more of a carp. But lately, when people hear that I am a writer, more and more of them feel compelled to tell me that they don’t read. They say it proudly, almost defiantly. And I just don’t get it.

I could see this if for instance I announced I was the manufacturer of say, bombs. Then if folks said, “I don’t like bombs,” I could understand. But reading? Really? You don’t read, and you feel the need to announce it to me, because I write. Is there something you think I can do to change you? Do you really want me to? Do you think I want to?

So what about writing did you like this year? What wouldn’t you do again?


2 responses to “My Top Three Writing (related) Gripes of the Year by Christine Duncan

  1. Wow.
    In regards to the first item, since they really have no intention of paying you or pulling down your story, I would suggest contacting a lawyer in order to get them to pull it down.

    The second one simply sounds like Epson really wants to become a very distant fourth in a field of three when it comes to printers….I would suggest either a HP (in which you can use recycled cartridges) or a Lexmark.

    Third one I’ve never come across. Most of the people I know are voracious readers.

    I would say that the one thing that I liked about writing this year was completing a novel. I have so many trunk novels scattered around my den that to actually complete one is a major milestone. The one thing I absolutely hate about writing is having to write a synopsis for it. It took me about two months to write one, and it will take me another month to tighten up that one.

  2. People don’t read? And they not only admit this, they’re proud of this? How could they? I can see saying ‘I don’t read, I don’t have the time, but I wish I did’ but to be proud of it? These people are just wrong. That’s going to have me shaking my head for a long time.
    Still, their loss. They have no idea what an imaginative, wonderful, amazing world they are missing out on – and sadly, they never will.


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