Technology – by Karen Fainges

Seeing I had just been kicked off the computer by my dearly beloved, I thought I would take the laptop down to the spa instead and write under the stars. Stopping by the smallest room as I went, I decided to play a quick game while I mused. A message popped up reminding me I had not written my blog post yet. So I did, sitting there tapping away on my phone keyboard.

Leaving aside my addiction to tech for a moment, I was forced to stop and think just how much life has changed. As a sci-fi writer, the future is one of the places we regularly go. But how much will it have changed? I remember using my Grandma’s phone. You whirled a little handle and asked the lady on the switch to put you through. And now my phone takes pictures and can send them to my sister live as it’s happening.

Makes you wonder what we can write that won’t be commonplace by the time its printed.


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