A Hero or a Heroine – By Karen Fainges

Reading Christine’s post, I was thinking she had a point. I write a male hero in my books and I have received the feedback that on some things, men just don’t think that way. This was given to me by both a straight man and a gay one so I guess some things are hard wired in.  (I did change it before publishing).

Somehow though, when I sit down to write from the female’s perspective, it just doesn’t seem to flow as easily. My third book was mostly from the heroine’s point of view and I really struggled with it, but I have to admit, it got better reviews. My latest work is from my own point of view, family stories retold with a bit of tongue in cheek embroidery of the facts. That one flowed like water.

So maybe I have trouble writing women who are different to me but a man is so different I can keep them separated in my mind. Has anyone else come across this in their own writing or am I just weird? (I am willing to believe the weird.)


As for flaws in your characters, there has to be at least one. Paragons of goodness are boring and annoying. I always feel like I want to give them a swift kick for making the rest of us feel bad. Maybe that is back to the weirdness of me. Overcoming flaws is a major part of life. For anyone that has played D&D, playing a paladin (a really, really good guy) is hard. Keeping pure in an impure world is not easy.  Being too good is sometimes a flaw all by itself. It stops them seeing all the world has to offer.



One response to “A Hero or a Heroine – By Karen Fainges

  1. The heroine in my latest book is a female writer, but she’s also a heavy smoker, which I HATE, but she insisted on coming out like that. My next hero is a man, and I didn’t mean him to be – he just came out like that too. My heroes/heroines just seem to spring into life fully formed, and I seem to have very little to do with their actual, conscious, creation. They’re just there.

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