Try and keep it in your head….

. Like Karen, I also have the habit of coming up with my best ideas when I’m away from my desk.

The problem, I tend to be quite…active, when I write. I almost live the story. I say dialogue out loud. I mutter to myself. If it’s a very dramatic scene, I tend to jump up and act it out.

Now I do find this is a good technique. It helps me get through the stuck points, and helps my dialogue flow naturally. The problems comes when I get my ideas in the middle of a crowded shopping centre, or even worse, at work.

There was the time I suddenly cried out ‘Of course, she’ll do it as a homage to A Tale Of Two Cities!’. I was in the middle of the supermarket at the time.

Or the time at work I addressed a colleague not by her actual name, but by a character’s name.

Or like this morning on the bus, when I was running through plot points in my mind, saying to myself ‘kill her, she has to die too, blind him at the same time, what about a fire’ before I realised I was talking out loud. (On the plus side, I got the whole seat to myself).

I’ve had to learn to put the idea on the back burner, so to speak. The minute I have a good idea, first, control myself, second, scribble it down somewhere, third, send it back into my subconscious to stew until I get home and write it.

Sometimes the ideas just keep breaking through, like when I was caught muttering ‘3 days! It should all happen in 3 days’ at my desk. There have been times when I have had to tell my imagination ‘not now! I’ll get to to when I get home!’

I have forgotten ideas before now, and been frustrated at not being able to get the computer, but I have almost trained myself to keep working on stories subconsciously, whilst not giving any idea of what is going on in my head.

Well, most of the time, anyway.


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