Places to Write – by Karen Fainges

Doing NaNoWri Mo, I have found that I need to write every time an idea hits me. That might be at work, on the bus, at a cafe, all over the place. I have taken to sending whatever I have written to myself in an email and then collating them at the end of the day. Luckily, my phone has email and a keyboard, so its pretty good for those quick thoughts you have to get down. A notebook would probably do just as well, but my handwriting is appalling when I am thinking too fast. Typing I can keep up with myself – mostly.

I have found the best ideas seem to come to me when I have switched off. It is as if my brain goes, good, she’s turned the computer off, now release the floodgates. Writing down the ideas as they occur to me makes sure I don’t lose them. I have also managed to increase my word count by adding these notes to the draft and then asking the old, who, where, why and what questions to flesh them out. It makes life easier somehow.

Oh well, back to it


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