This time, something’s working

. I’ve always struggled with writing a full length book. My plots drift, I forget characters, I never find time to write and I just lose interest.

Somehow, this has changed.

I’m not sure if it’s the planning. I’ve set aside time on Sundays to write, in pen and ink (still sticking to that re-creating 1953 atmosphere I talked about a few posts ago). Then I set aside Wednesday evenings to type up and do the first rewrite.

Still, I’ve planned writing time before. After a few sessions, I find myself skipping it to do chores or just laze around – but not this time.

Maybe it’s the plot or the story or the structure – I haven’t planned it out, but as I’ve written, I’ve discovered themes, and a certain structure has suggested itself. I’m not just writing anything, I’m planning and building and creating a book.

I think maybe I maturing as a writer. From fan fiction writing to short story writing to a full book. I’ve learnt how to construct, and how to create a character, I’ve learnt about themes and subplots. Perhaps I’ve practiced and learnt enough that I can actually concentrate on a full book, and this time, I’m finding the whole process fascinating.

Whatever happened, this time it’s working. I’m getting a chapter a week done. I should be finished by Christmas. Who knows – by this time next year, I could actually have a published book in my hand.


One response to “This time, something’s working

  1. Good luck on it. I know with the one I wrote earlier this year, something just clicked and I got it done in about two months. Still doing some tweaking on it, and I hope to start writing a synopsis in a month or so.

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