Sick Note

. Oh, I’m sorry, please accept a sick note this week. I’ve been ill all week. It’s not even the kind of illness where the mind is willing though the flesh is weak. You know, the kind of illness that lets me daydream the most fantastic, amazing scenarios, though I can’t actually write any of them down. No, it’s the kind of illness where even my mind is turgid, and I’m incapable of doing anything but slouch on the sofa, staring blindly at the TV, grunting occasionally at something I like.

Although to be honest, I was utterly stuck in what I was writing anyway, not writer’s block so much as a total lack of an idea that I desperately needed. Perhaps it’ll pop up as I get better.

Anyway, I’m assured this should pass by next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to write something interesting and coherent then. In the meantime, please accept my apologies as I crawl back to the sofa.


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