Describing The World Around You – by Karen Fainges

Sometimes, the easiest way to attract the muse is to try describing something around you in a number of ways. The easiest way to show you this is to do it and show you an example.

All of these scenes are the same image from different points of view. See if you can guess what the item is.

  • Abandoned ends of a forbidden time captured in glass.
  • Alone and separate, away from the warm smells and tastes of warm delight, they sit, scattered leavings of an exiled habit.
  • Coffin nails, used, discarded and piled in sooty piles.
  • Cigarette ends piled in a glass ashtray lying on a table in the smoking area of a cafe.

The last one is more obvious but not half as much fun to write. Still, it does the job of describing the ashtray and sometimes that is the important thing.

Once again, it’s about balance.


2 responses to “Describing The World Around You – by Karen Fainges

  1. That was strange, I decided to write about descriptions this week too!


  2. Perhaps there was something in one of the writer’s mags. They often trigger me???

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