The twenty first century and Women by Christine Duncan I was growing up, the nuns that tried to teach me stuff talked about the coming twenty-first century.
They showed us films showing us the coming Utopia. People wouldn’t age much. Problems with childhood diseases would be cured. Nuns didn’t talk much about societal problems then. But when I brought the topic home, my mother, who was a feminist, liked the idea that we would progress so much, and she thought that in the twenty-first century, maybe women would make as much money as men. Maybe the problems with men beating wives and girlfriends would be gone.

To be honest, the twenty-first century seemed a long way off, and I knew only one thing with certainty. I would be old then. But I remembered the film and my mother’s thoughts. I hoped she was right.

The twenty-first century hasn’t solved much as far as I can tell. People still age–botox or not. Kids can get shots for many childhood maladies so that seems better, unless of course, your kid reacts to the shots. And women still are beaten every day in this country by a man who says he loves them.

And what can you do, you’re thinking? Well, for starters, if your man abuses you, you need to leave. Your kids are watching and they are more apt to be in some sort of violent relationship when they become adults if they see it as kids. And no matter what you think, they see it.

If your relationship is good, raise your kids with awareness. Let them know that abuse is never acceptable. If you see an incidence of abuse, don’t just gloss over it and hope nothing penetrated. Speak up. Your words will be remembered for decades, as my mother’s were.

If you can, blog on it this month–spread the awareness.

If you believe, pray, if you have money, donate, if you have time, volunteer.
We can make a difference.


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