Are We Dumbing Things Down? by Christine Duncan I turned on what I thought was a television news program this Sunday morning only to get another celebrity interview.  I’m not going to tell you the program or the celebrity (whom I happen to like even if I did think she must be dead.) because it doesn’t matter.  This is not the first time I’ve had this kind of thing happen.

Lately, the news has been less than news, at least, here in the U.S.  It’s not uncommon for much of the 30 minute network programs  to be taken up by celebrity stuff like Tiger’s divorce or Lindsey’s jail sentence.  And I don’t doubt that it will be denied by the major networks but on weekends some of this garbage seems to just be repeats of what was said on the weekdays.  I know there are still troops in Iraq (okay call them consultants) and in Afghanistan.  I know  that people are still dying of AIDs and starvation in Africa and that the economy could fill up a full hour on its own if the networks felt like doing so, but the fact of the matter is, this stuff isn’t given the play that it used to have.

I’m reminded of how the masses were passified by the Feelies in  the classic 1984.  And I’m wondering if the media (or the government) took notes from the book.

To keep this on a writing theme, are you dumbing your work down?  Do you feel that perhaps people can’t handle as much with the recession (yes, I know they said it was over in June or July of ’09–I just believe that declaration to have been as effective and as premature as George W’s declaration that the war in Iraq was over.)  Do you try to make your writing more light?  Maybe try to entertain more than educate?

In a, perhaps, related bit, I have to say, it’s almost October, folks.  And once again we are about to hit Domestic Violence awareness month in America.  I can’t dumb that one down for anyone.  We are soliciting guest authors on that theme, here at Rule of Three, and hope to hear from you soon.


One response to “Are We Dumbing Things Down? by Christine Duncan

  1. I find it hard to dumb down my work, be it a short story or my blog. About the only concession I’ll make to entertaining my readers is if I write a post that makes fun of me. Otherwise, I try to educate as much as possible (with the blog, that is. haven’t quite gotten that figured out with everything esle yet).

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