The next generation by Karen Fainges

There is always that little thrill when someone likes your work, but when it is your child, that seems to mean even more. Recently my daughter printed out one of my humour stories for a friend that was over. She liked it so much, she wanted to show it off to her friends. That was a pretty perfect moment.

Better still is when your child starts writing and their stuff is actually pretty good. Still, I get the plaintive cry, “Mummy, I get lots of great ideas, but I can’t seem to get it on the paper.”

Unfortunately, I had no easy answer to help her. It’s not like maths where there are little tricks to help. It is just a matter of writing. Oh yes, you can use voice to text programs to “speak” your words on to the page, or timers to set yourself little challenges. You can read other’s work and see what they do and techniques they use. You can even study writing in formal classes. Still, it all boils down to , ‘just start writing’.


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