Not a Writer Yet.

. Sorry, anything I say is going to be a bit befuddled today. I’m still in a sort of daze. I only flew back from Paris a few hours ago. I still have dust on my shoes from Jardin des Tulieries (and yes, it was amazing)

Anyway, I’d been having a discussion with friends over whether I call myself a writer, or an author, or what. I call myself a scribbler. I’ll call myself a writer when I get published and paid, and I’ll call myself an author when I get published and paid on a regular basis.

I’ve known people who call themselves authors but when I’ve asked them what they have published, reply ‘publish? Oh, I don’t publish.’ as if the dirty business of publishing were well beneath them. To be honest, I’m not sure they were justified in calling themselves authors if they’d never even tried to be published (although they probably had tried and failed and were covering up for themselves).

And I’ve known people who defined themselves as writers but have never written anything down. When asked, they say the work is all ‘in their head’. Well, that’s as may be, I would reply, but to write, you have to occasionally get something down on paper.

On the other hand, who am I to argue with someone’s definition of themselves? But personally, I feel, being a writer, or an author has to be more than proclaiming oneself to be a writer. You have to actually get down to the cold hard work of putting ink to paper, and trying to get published. It’s not just the act of creation in one’s own head. It’s the hard work too that gets you the title ‘writer’.


2 responses to “Not a Writer Yet.

  1. You’re published and write regularly here. Do you get paid? Well, no. But in my book, you are a writer. I don’t know any authors by your definition except perhaps the girl who did my interview in the local paper.
    Christine –who never calls herself an author but who is a writer.

  2. I can safely call myself both. I’m a scribbler who has loads of stuff written but not commercially published (only blog published and self pubbed), and I’m a writer who has exactly one story commercially published.

    Beyond that, I’m having fun just the same, whether I’m a writer or a scribbler.

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