Good Progress.

. So, I’m on the way home from the shop, thinking about garlic bread, and I suddenly realise I forgot to do my blog last night….I would like to say that I was caught up in the throes of a manic writing period, or meeting a publisher, or networking at a literary meal, but I wasn’t. I was getting a touch merry in a pub at a leaving party. Whoops. Sorry.

The thing is, I have actually done quite a lot this week. I dug out an old novel I once started. It’s a good story, with a good premise, and it’s the one book I’ve thought ‘yes – this could sell – this could be a success’ for. But I was never quite happy with what I’d done – the plot meandered, the characters bored me, I couldn’t get the feel of it right. I ended up putting it away.

But this time, I’m rewriting it according to the ideas I came up with last week. I’m seeing it as a story arc linking five stories – and I’m taking those stories out of the book and working on them seperately, so I can work on them as short stories. I’ve changed it from third person to first person, so it is always my narrator’s voice, and she describes places and people, so that’s that problem sorted out. And I’ve made her a writer, so when when I get frustrated, I can sort through the frustration via her.

It’s going well so far. On the whole, I think this may actually work.


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