Little bit of bad, little bit of good.

. I’m never quite happy with what I’ve written. It never seems quite good enough, and so far, it’s not good enough to be published. I need to take a good hard look at what I write to see what is going on. However, I know I’m my own worst critic, and if I go too far, I’ll discourage myself from writing altogether. So, when I tell myself where I’ve gone wrong, I need to tell myself where I go right.

For example:

Plot. Bad – my long term plots are very thin, and tend to meander. Good – my short term plots are full of twists and surprise. Solution – think of a book as a series of short plots with an overreaching story arc.

Characters. Bad – I never describe what they look like, or go too deep into their motives. Good – they are very real, distinct people, with voices of their own. Solution – spare a moment for history and description.

Generally. Bad – I’m terrible at description. I see a place or a building clearly on my mind, but I never get round to actually putting a description on page. I see it so clearly in my mind, I forget others don’t see it. Good – I’m really good at dialogue. I can capture cadences, and rhythms, and make it sound real and yet siginificant at the same time. Solution – put descriptions in my character’s voices, not mine. Or maybe look at script-writing.

Every problem has a solution, as long as I look at the good points too.


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