Rummaging – by Karen Fainges

We have mentioned before about going over old stories and ideas for inspiration. It can help to get the juices flowing again, just editing a piece can refresh it for resubmission. There is also one other side effect.

I write for an online role playing group. from time to time, I read back over old posts and fall in love with the characters all over again. A throw away line can give you an idea for a spin off, or you can wonder how a current character would have fared in that situation.

So, not only can you renew old writing, you can renew yourself as well. Just one hint, don’t let yourself see the spelling mistakes. This stuff can’t be edited and it can increase you rancor.


One response to “Rummaging – by Karen Fainges

  1. So very true. I posted an old short story of mine on my short story blog. I got liking it so much again that it inspired me to write a full length version of that story using some of the same characters from the old one.

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