What will you give up? By Karen Fainges

I was watching a program with my daughter about disadvantaged youths that did a science program that helped them pass high school exams 18 months early. It was nothing thrilling, until one lass receiving her award looked right into the camera and said “I can do anything. It is all what you are prepared to give up for it.” (Paraphrasing from memory.) As someone newly arrived in England from Africa, she had really been up against it and now, she was top of the class. Her conviction was heart warming and she had a very valid point. You don’t get something for nothing. She had to work hard in that science program but she got a very real reward for it.

Reading Christine’s post about writer’s block, brought the point home to me. If you want to succeed, you have to give up something (time out of your day) for some sort of reward. No reward – even if that reward is only a warm glow of achievement, means that you will find it too hard to keep going. Now words on a page are a wondrous thing to behold, but I have to admit, allowing myself 10 minutes of gaming for each page is more likely to motivate me. 🙂


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