Staying up late

There are always morning people and night owls. Whether you consider it bio-rhythms or just upbringing, we tend to all have different times where the brain really ticks over. So what do you do if that best time is three in the morning?

Well, I have to admit, early morning is my best time. I am not sure if my mind is freewheeling from the buildup of tiredness or what it is, but that silent time in the middle of the night is golden for me. Luckily, I work for myself, so I can stay up late, then have a nap during the day. Raised by a shift worker, I have no problem sleeping during the day, in fact I prefer it as it seems to be easier somehow, especially when it is cold.

Maybe it is just the chance to be completely alone – even the dogs are asleep and there is no one I need to worry about except my characters. There is a down side. Finding time to be with the family where you are not tired and dragging can be a hassle as they have to go to work/school and consider 7am a time to be awake, not when you start thinking about going to bed. I have had some success just staying up until they have all gone, but it really doesn’t work that well.

Any ideas?


2 responses to “Staying up late

  1. I will stay up way past the time when I should; I know this because I am yawning and tired. So why do I stay up after the rest of the household is asleep and I know it will be hard to get up in the morning? Because this time of night is the only time of the whole day when I can relax and read without feeling I maybe *should* be doing something else — working, cleaning, cooking, walking, etc. It’s my time to just BE.

  2. I so agree – quiet moments are all too rare for those with a family 🙂

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