Couple of interesting articles

. As the title suggests, I spotted a couple of interesting articles this week.

First was this How not to get published

doing the rounds on Twitter. An interesting (and funny) article on how not to get published – ranging from checking your covering letter for spelling and grammar, to not writing hate letters to editors who reject you. Some of these seem obvious (leaving tracking changes marked in your manuscript, for example) but some are very useful for brand new authors. Personally, I can’t understand why anyone would write a nasty reply to a rejection. For a start, you’ve pretty much ruled out that editor accepting anything of yours every again. And, personally speaking, all my rejection letters have been polite at worst, supportive and massively helpful at best.

I also read this (during my daily commute, of course).


I would find actually writing during the commute difficult – for a start, even if I could get a seat, the bus journey is so shaky that anything I wrote would just come out as jagged scribble. And if I didn’t get a seat, I think the other commuters would object to me leaning my paper and pen on their back.

But I do use the time to think. Not in the morning. During my morning commute, I’m still waking up (my body clock is set firmly to wake up at 10am, and nothing can change it), and am barely capable of thinking anything beyond ‘what’s going on and why is it happening to me?’. But in the afternoon commute, I do have clearer thoughts, and I find it a perfect time to just think. I go through stories that don’t quite work, run through them in mind, rewriting them. I try to work out where my newest story should go, or try to come up with the perfect phrase or paragraph.

Hope you found those articles interesting and/or helpful. I know I did.


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