A Place to Write

Sometimes you really need a place to write. Somewhere you can go and really work. For me, it is not so much a physical place, but a feeling. I have a cup of something at my side, music playing and a blank sheet of paper. Empty the cup and fill the sheet. Sound easy doesn’t it 🙂

I was thinking about this the other day and realised there was one thing I had forgotten. Smells. Smell can be one of the greatest aides to memory and it can help in a lot of other ways too.  Check out this blog post on the smell of crayons helping one writer realise her creativity by taking her back to the days of childhood. http://carrieanddanielle.com/the-smell-of-crayons-tapping-into-your-creative-freedom/.  There are also other blogs and posts that prompt you to sniff different smells to awaken different memories and emotions.

For me, it is a slightly musty smell of my old caravan. Living in a small house has its trials and my mother bought me an old caravan shell to turn into my own room. This was my own place and I could dream, write, listen to music, anything I liked in there. It was my shelter from the storm of teenage years. So now I have bought myself an old site office in the hopes it will give me that same freedom. I will keep you posted if it works.


One response to “A Place to Write

  1. I think for me, the good writing trigger is sound. I can get a lot done, simply by listening. Whether its in the great outdoors, music on the radio or people talking, sound is the ultimate memory trigger for me.

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