Breaking out of Stagnation.

. My inspiration has been a bit stagnant lately. I’ve had to find a few ways to kick it going again.

1)Go over old work. There’s a pile of unfinished stories that I could do with finishing. And another pile of ideas and lines scribbled on scraps of paper. And even in the finished stories there may be an idea that needs exploring.

2)Read and/or watch something like I want to write. After seeing Ghost Stories, the writing poured out of me for a week. It really got me going. Even if I see and/or read something bad, I get inspired as to how I do it differently.

3)Holiday! I’ve been to Barcelona this week, and now my head is rammed to bursting with tiny gothic squares and soaring cathedrals and lowering modern sculptures and brilliant blue skies and behind it all the music of random men playing passionate guitar music. All highly inspirational.

4)Set a time when I will write. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m lazy. If I don’t force myself to start, I never will. So I will set a specific time to sit down and write. Once I’ve started, I can keep going.

Hopefully, all that will get my inspiration flowing again.


2 responses to “Breaking out of Stagnation.

  1. Well for me it’s really difficult to work at unfinished stories. But you’re right – it’s better than nothing.

  2. I found that doing #1 helped break me out my funk. After I posted an old short story on my soon be closed short story blog, I got to re-reading it again and quickly found that necessary spark to start writing again.

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