Links for Writers by Christine Duncan haven’t done a link blog lately–I’m thinking I’m due. These are in no particular order–just stuff out there that I’ve seen that can be fun.

Miss Snark’s First Victim is one I’ve run before but it stands repeating. She’s interesting AND she runs a neat contest from time to time called the secret agent contest.

There was a cute article recently on Guide to Literary Agents Plus this site also has a sidebar with other literary agent blogs

Jean Henry Mead’s Mysterious People showcases interviews with mystery writers–famous and not-so famous. I love it because often you’ll read a multi-pubbed writer complaining about the same stuff we gripe about right here.

Inky Girl also hits where it hurts as a writer–often in graphic form. Plus she has a word count challenge that can keep you accountable.

And don’t forget to check out our sidebar for links. I particularly recommend Everything Language and Grammar ’cause sometimes, we all need a little help with that.

Tell us YOUR favorite links.


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