Why Do you Keep Blogging? by Christine Duncan

http://www.amazon.com/Safe-House-Christine-Duncan/dp/1936127008/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1257712524&sr=8-2 Since I am finally (sort of ) back on the internet after losing yet another computer, I am trying to catch up with net friends. One friend who I have been talking to on and off for at least ten years is starting a blog so I have her blog notices on various sites from Facebook to Crimespace. She noted that this was her third attempt at blogging and this time, she was determined to keep it up.

Having done something similar myself, and noticing how enthusiasm for these things seems to come and go, I got to wondering why. I mean, here at RuleofThree we have times when we get busy, I am not dense enough not to figure that one out. When you’re busy with the real world, the blog can get to seem less important. Duh.

But why sometimes is it easier to blog, and sometimes, you just want to take a break. I’d like to blame it on summer, but ah hem, I hit a few patches last winter when I uh, well, you know, was tempted to just space it. And since I belong to another blog group, I have noticed that there are times there where posts seem to be missing in action.

And yet, somehow we’ve managed to take this blog to its second birthday. So I’m curious. I don’t even know what the heck keeps me blogging, except in the back of my mind there is this thought that its all good practice for writing when you don’t quite feel like it or writing when you aren’t sure anyone reads it.
Why do you keep blogging? Do you know?

A couple of links for you to some interesting blogs before I go: Crazy for Books You have got to see her list of reading/review type blogs. There may be a few where you can send your book or guest blog on.
and Steph in the City
Am I ever jealous of someone professionally? Oh, no never. Of course not. Huh! Well, really, I thought that was what kept us all writing!


2 responses to “Why Do you Keep Blogging? by Christine Duncan

  1. A complex question you ask today. I’ve often wondered about that myself from time to time.

    I guess the most the basic answer (at least as it applies to me) is that I keep blogging because I enjoy being a somebody. I know it sounds egotistical, but after spending decades of my life basically being ignored, it was first a blessing, then a curse to become a somebody in the Cyber World (chat rooms is where I got my start).

    I moved over to blogs so as to continue being a somebody, at least a somebody who dealt with adults on a daily basis. I haven’t looked back since.

    Even though I’ve gone through my share of valleys (currently down to posting three days a week on my main blog), the enthusiasm of blogging has spurred me onto creating two other blogs to fill the need of being a somebody.

  2. As I child I was a frequent letter-writer. As a teenager I became a diary- or journal-keeper. A webpage, or blog, is a perfect way to combine the two and hit dozens of friends, or readers, with one “entry.” And the new friends you make via the internet … ooh la la!
    Also, I often sit down with nothing in mind to write about, and just start, and something comes … this has taught me an important lesson about “showing up” for writing.

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