I’ve been lazy…

. I have to admit I’ve done nothing this week.

It started off well. Last Saturday I went to the library, got the Writers and Artists Yearbook, and wrote down the websites of all the magazines that I might possibly send a story to. If I use the websites, I can have a look at the magazine before I send my story, to see if my style suits and I can email my work to them.

Then I came home and wrote some pretty good stuff.

Then it all just sort of trailed off. Maybe the cold I had, maybe the weather, maybe the way my obsession with Doctor Who really peaked, or I just discovered and got obsessed with Glee. Maybe my biorhythms were out of wack – I have no idea. I just sort of collapsed on the sofa and stayed there.

So – I’m writing this week off. Put it down to a total break. Maybe I can say I was recuperating, or learning something from other’s good writing (Glee and Doctor Who are incredibly well written).

Or just admit I had a lazy week, and really enjoyed it.

Next week, I’ll be able to tell you what a very busy, productive week I’ve had. I hope.


2 responses to “I’ve been lazy…

  1. Had that last week. On Sunday started off by writing the beginnings of a dopey short story (mostly free form with just a hint of plot) and alternated that with another that was a bit more serious and had better plotting. By the end of the week had an unexpected personal problem crop up which stopped my writing dead in its tracks. Just started writing again yesterday.

  2. Who did the dishes? That’s what I want to know!

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