Another Characteristic of a Writer by Christine Duncan Have you ever noticed that we writers tend to have a lot of books? I think it’s pretty true. I’ve been to many a writing friend’s house and no matter what the decor, elaborate shelves or tomes used as end tables, we all tend to have lots and lots of books. The fact is, this used to cause me quite a lot of guilt. I mean, books can cost some money and I am always broke. Turns out, I was just being a good parent.

No joke. Mariah Evans a sociologist from the University of Nevada, did a study which concluded that kids who grow up in households full of books will go farther, educationally. Too cool! I can stop feeling so freakin’ guilty. Or is that a characteristic of writers too?

Writer’s digest came out with its list of 101 best websites for writers in its May-June issue. Many of the sites listed (like Preditors and Editors, Writer Beware, and Grammar girl) were oldies but goodies. But writer Jane Friedman did a short subset on the list which could be helpful.

I’ve got my computer back, so those of you who were writing to me about guesting, please please, email me again. I got quite a bunch of info from that old hard drive but no email. :-<


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