Borders by Christine Duncan Fiction writers, especially mystery writers often have a cause in mind when they write. I know that is one of the reasons my mysteries are set in a battered women’s shelter. And I know I’m not the only one who believes that the world of fiction should reflect what we all deal with every day. J.A. Jance sets her Sheriff Joanna Brady mysteries in Arizona and the background of the books often gives a light into just what that state is dealing with in terms of problems from illegal immigration.

Arizona has been in the news in this country for its controversial new law on its borders, and I, like many, have found the whole thing more than a bit confusing. First off, I saw a news story saying that no one would be stopped just for looking Hispanic. Only people who were doing something wrong would be asked for documentation. That seemed fair. If I were doing something wrong, I would expect that. Then I saw a story that portrayed the law as making racial profiling legal, something I think I can safely say most of us are against.

But still the borders need protecting. You can’t have a country without borders and in many cases the immigration laws of the countries around us are much more restrictive than that of the U.S. I found some illumination on the subject on a blog by, you guessed it folks, another mystery writer, Ben Small. Sometimes fiction has to take a backseat and we just have to say what we mean.

Most of us are searching to do the right thing. Now if we can just some folks in government to hear us.


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