A Writing Day

. A writer friend of mine sets aside a day each week to be devoted entirely to writing. I also thought I’d try the same thing, with my day off from work.


Get up around 9am – go to gym (I come up with a lot of good ideas whilst running)

10.30– 12 – correct and rewrite and reformat previous manuscripts (I’m better at simple, slightly easier tasks in the morning)

12 – 1 Nice healthy lunch

1-2 Do some reading and research

2-5 WRITE! I find this is my optimum creative time – I’m energetic, yet able to concentrate, and this is when my imagination is strongest.

5 onwards – tea, news, telly, sleep in the knowledge I did a good bit of work today.


9 Wake up. Look at clock. Groan. Fall asleep again.

10.30 Wake up again. Look at cloak. Groan. Get up and drag myself to the gym

12-1 Finish gym – rush to shop. Wander round shop for twenty minutes looking for toilet paper – why do they move these things? Queue for 20 minutes. Finally get home.

1-2 Lunch. Already tired.

2 – 3.30 Start reading to get my mind calmed down, and in a state ready for writing. Suddenly remember I have to get my book back to the library. Dash out.

3.30 – 3.50 Writing! Distracted by state of kitchen. Then state of living room. Then giant wasp invading my room.

3.50 – 4.30 Clean kitchen. Clean living room. Herd giant wasp out of room.

4.30 – 5.30 Try to write. Try computer, pen, fountain pen. Have to find paper. Have no inspiration. Try all inspiration tricks. Finally scribble down anything in desperation.

5.30 – 6.00 Realise what I have done is rubbish. Give up in despair.

6.00 – 6.15. Give up. Watch news.

6.15 Get suddenly struck with brilliant idea. Start scribbling story on any scrap of paper I can find.

7.02 Realise I am starving, and must eat now. Continue writing.

7.30. Finally finished. Covered in ink. Hand sore. Starving. But happy finally achieved something.

7.31 – till bedtime. Eat, read television, exhausted and saying I will plan better next time.


2 responses to “A Writing Day

  1. That’s funny….my writing day (such as it is) is pretty much like yours…I plan for an afternoon of writing on either Saturday or Sunday, and yet I’ll be lucky enough to get a couple of sentences out, or more realistically, think about how I’m gonna start the new beginning to an old story I want to rewrite.

  2. Heh! Sounds a bit like working from my home office some days!

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