A musing by Karen Fainges

It is Monday night, so that must mean I am asking my hubbie for an idea what to write in the blog. Even his students noticed how often his name popped up in my writing.

It is strange that he is my muse even though he is not incredibly interested in writing. He mutters anything to shut me up and viola, an idea pops into my head. It might not have anything to do with what he actually said, but for some reason it opens the flood gates.

In a pinch, I have even pretended the dog was him and asked Teddy my “what should I write about” question. Now, of course, Teddy doesn’t reply, not even to keep me happy, but merely asking the question does it for me.

Weird huh.

What is your muse?

Some swear by the thought for a day and word for a day pages. Give the one minute writer a try.

Similar to page Write or die Michelle mentioned (which I prefer) this gives you a bit of an idea boost first.

Oh, and feel free to drop by my homepage to see my new book covers. We are working on the idea that you want buyers to give them the once over at least twice.


Let me know what you think


One response to “A musing by Karen Fainges

  1. My muses (for I have multiples) are two people who I’m very good friends with, who are my unknown muses.

    They have seen my writings from time to time, but for the most part, they are blissfully unaware that 95% of the time, they influence my writings like nothing else.

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