Ok, back to the grindstone

. Remember when I said I was going to take a break from new writing to concentrate on tidying up old stories, researching groundwork for future stories and trying to sell my work?

Yeah….that didn’t really work.

I had a good try. But the momentum just slipped away. I couldn’t get myself going. (The constant cold damp weather and catching cold after cold didn’t help either).

And then I started to get restless, and irritable. All the time. Temper rose, and motivation dropped. I was tired all the time. And always so bored – but didn’t have the energy to do anything.

And today, as I was browsing in a shop, I found a shelf full of notepads. I told myself not to look, I didn’t need new paper, I wasn’t currently writing. But there was one nicely-bound notebook which caught my eye. On the front of it was engraved the words:

‘If you wish to a writer, write!’

Right. Okay. Thank you, universe, I get the point. I need to get back to new writing. It gives me all the motivation I need, calms me down, makes me happy. And obviously the universe wants me to do it…

So I’m back to it. Settling down, new pad, new pen, new ideas.


One response to “Ok, back to the grindstone

  1. Love this, Michelle. I may be going notebook shopping.

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