Protecting Your Work by Christine Duncan Since I have been in the middle of this ISBN mess, I have had to learn to google Safe House on a fairly regular basis in order to see if progress has been made in the correction. (As an aside to that, the book still comes up in google with my name plus another author’s name.)

Although this feels like the absolute height of navel gazing, it is smart to google not only your work but your name once in a while and click the show options tag on the results page of google for blogs or books or whatever. The reason is that you will find a heck of a lot of your stuff that you didn’t authorize anywhere. For instance, recently I found a Christmas story that I had written some years back on another blog. Now the blog’s author attributed the thing to me, but I wish he had run it by me first. It needed editing in the worst way and I would have done that before I let him use it. Okay, and maybe I would have requested a link back to here. But asking is just courtesy, isn’t it?

I also found, besides my ISBN problem, a number of blog posts from here posted on various Live Journal addies looking as though I never really learned to speak English. Sigh, not that I can do anything about that. But I at least know this stuff is out there. And I can take steps legally if I care to.

So, writing friends, if you haven’t googled yourself recently–or you have never used that cute little options tab on the results page, try it now. You may be surprised to see what you turn up.


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