Feedback on my first three chapters

I’m happy to report that the feedback from my friend Jen was positive.  In fact she said she ‘loved it’.  She’s the first person to read the new and improved version of the first three chapters. 

Jen said: “I thought it was witty, savvy, well observed and heart felt.  A story one can relate to and a main character to empathize with.”

She did say that maybe I could increase the pace slightly, which I will have a look at.  Other than that, I feel ready to make the couple of edits she suggested and start querying.  I have a plan B for this round of queries. 

Given that some of the story takes place in the UK and then most of it in Spain, I’m going to query the English market.  This is a brand new market for me so I’m excited and feeling really positive about it.

Now, to get my query letter right. 


One response to “Feedback on my first three chapters

  1. Congrats on the positive feedback, and good luck querying the English market.

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