Sharing my work

I apologise in advance that this post isn’t very interesting.  It’s more of a progress report than anything else.

Last Saturday I gave a hard copy of the first three chapters of my manuscript to a friend who also likes to write.  She’s not a writer friend in that she’s been my friend for the longest time and writing is a pretty new endavour.   Sorry, I digress…

So, Jen has my first three chapters and I’m feeling excited (and a bit nervous) about the feedback she might give.  I guess my main concern is that she’ll say it’s rubbish or worse, she’ll feel sorry for me because it’s so bad.

Nevermind all that fear, she’s going to read it, I’m going to get some feedback and I’ll take it from there.  Whatever she says, I can work on it and improve it.

In the interest of public humiliation 🙂 – I will post her comments here and share it with y’all.

(I’m only holding my breath slightly).


2 responses to “Sharing my work

  1. It’s very tough to share your work with someone else in order to get feedback, be it positive or negative.

    I do it all the time with my short story blog. If anything, the feedback I get from that, helps me with the rest of the stuff I’m writing.

    I think the true test is the fact that you’re sharing it with someone who is starting to skim the surface (at least that’s how I’m reading your brief comment about her), and thus probably won’t skewer it from a writer’s perspective, but from an average person’s perspective.

    Because really, what it boils down to, is that average person liking enough of what snippet you provide, in order to buy your book.

    Good luck with the feedback.

  2. Thanks G. I’m glad to have been able to share this next step. And I will post her feedback, it’s a good thing to have feedback no matter what it is. (I hope I feel the same way after I get the feedback 🙂

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