Spring Plans

. Spring is almost here. I can tell by the green buds on the tree at the end of the garden. And with the coming of Spring, comes a new sense of purpose and strength.

This year, I intend to use this purpose and strength to get published. I’ve got enough short stories now, in a few different styles. I’ve got one finished book, (admittedly in the process of being rewritten), another in the writing stage, that I know is going to be good (very good twist at the end!) and another also being written, that is very different. I’ve got enough work to actually start selling.

So, first of all, I need to go through all the scraps of stories I’ve got, and finish them. I also have to go through all the first drafts, and rewrite them.

Then, I need to get my own copy of the Artists and Writers Yearbook (its got all the publishers and magazines in the UK in, plus some very helpful articles on introduction letters and so on). I can’t keep running to the library to use theirs– it’s normally in use at the weekends, and I can’t get there during the week.

I need to research magazines in the States – I think they’re more likely to publish my work.

And most important of all – I mustn’t get lazy! Laziness is my besetting fault. I swing from short periods of intense activity to long periods of indolence. Don’t get me wrong – laziness can be good! I enjoy my lying back in the sun time (once we actually get some sun in this country, which I suspect won’t be for a long while yet). And it can be good to just crash and do nothing for a while, and get my batteries recharged. The problem is I enjoy my laziness too much, and I tend to sink luxuriously into it, like a comfy chair in front of the fire, and stay there.

So – I have a well defined plan. I have timescales. (I work well with deadlines). I have energy (some). And with Spring, and sunny days on the horizon, I hope to escape my winter dullness.


One response to “Spring Plans

  1. GO MICHELLE! What a great plan. Wishing you the best of British luck. I’ll be so keen to hear about your querying process and any tips or hints you might discover along the way.

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