Blogging by Christine Duncan

I tend to think of this blog as an on-going conversation between all of us and thus have not paid as much attention as perhaps I should have to categories and the like. The result is, that this weekend when I wanted to find a particular couple of posts, I couldn’t. So I’m thinking it may be time to get organized.

Writing tends to be my go-to category and so searching for a particular post led me to find that 184 of our already pubbed 277 posts are categorized as writing. Which is not surprising given the theme of the blog but sucks big time when all you want to know is whether you’ve already said something or not. And really sucks when you’re pretty sure that one of your blog mates DID say it, but… yeah, you get the picture.

So hopefully I’ll figure out some really easy way to do this–or one of you nice folks reading this will tell me how you organized your blog and you’ll see some changes around here.

Meanwhile I CAN tell you that one of our most read posts tends to be MIchelle Birkby’s How to Really Really Scare Someone and that as a whole, as we approach our second anniversary in a few short months there are not very many writing topics we haven’t written on. We just haven’t categorized the darn things. Sigh


3 responses to “Blogging by Christine Duncan

  1. With mine, you can label everthing under the sun and thus your catergories are created for you. I have quite a few of my posts cross-indexed, which makes it relatively easy to find what I need, especially since I have 396 published post (egads!)

    I would think that you would be able to cross-index yours, but I’m not that familiar with WordPress.

  2. Georgie, when you say cross-indexed, that means one or more categories, right? I’m thinking I’ll have to do that but don’t want to go back to all of them. And do you understand just how tags work in? I thought they would help but they don’t seem to.

  3. Yes, that means one or more categories. Again, I’m not sure how WordPress does it, since mine is with Blogger.

    I think the only way you can really make them work (at least for me anyways) is if you give them categories that you can easily understand and find.

    So when you click on a particular link of mine, say “writing”, you’ll get all my posts that are related to writing.

    And probably the only way you can effectively categorize them is to relabel all of them. There should be an easy enough mechanism that WordPress has in place in order to do it. It’s time consuming (boy can it ever be time consuming) but it is worth it, in the long run.

    I’m sorry that I can’t be of any more help, but I don’t know if WordPress is set up the same way as Blogger.

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