What a Weekend!

. Last Saturday, I had my day planned. A run at the gym, then a coffee, then watch an Agatha Christie DVD. But just before I went to the gym, I had a quick peek at Twitter.

One of the wonderful people I follow had posted a link. A particular company, who produces audio dramas, was opening an opportunity for unknown writers to pitch their stories. I listen to their audio dramas a lot, and knew the type of thing they needed. They asked for a 500 word precis, and a scene. It was perfect for me.

Oh yes, and they wanted it by Monday morning.

Part of me (the same part, I suspect, that’s responsible for my version of the ‘doubt stick’) said it was ridiculous to try and get something together in that time, I should just leave it, work on something, and wait for the next opportunity – after all, it wasn’t as if I’d ever written for audio before.

Thankfully, I was in an ebullient mood, and I thought ‘Sod that! I’m going for it!’

So – I came up with a story, rewrote it, rewrote it again, wrote a precis that came to 2000 words, rewrote it again, and again, cut it down to 500 words, wrote a scene, wrote another one, wrote the one I finally decided on (remembering all the time that it was in audio, and I had to include the sound effects and I had never done that sort of thing before) typed it all up in the correct format, and sent it off – all by 3pm Sunday. (That time includes sleeping, eating and four hours discussing scary movies on Twitter).

Now, I don’t really think I’m in with much of a chance of my pitch being picked. But….it was useful in so many other ways.

1)I proved to myself I can do it – I can come up with an idea, develop it, develop it further and start to write it in roughly 24 hours.
2)I’ve learnt something about writing in a new format – audio drama, and do you know what, I like it!
3)The story is pretty good, and even if it’s not chosen, I’m going to develop it, maybe use it later.
4)I got my name out there! And I learnt these opportunities happen.
5)And it’s really good to be doing this sort of thing at the same time as someone else on Twitter – nice to chat someone else about it and have that mutual support.

So all in all, despite my quiet weekend totally ruined, it was completely worth it. And I’d love to do it again.


2 responses to “What a Weekend!

  1. That’s unreal Michelle. Good for you. I love to hear stories of people putting their doubt back in its place and moving ahead. Fingers crossed that they take your story.

  2. Getting it done, there is nothing like it. Good for you.

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