Stolen Blog Posts by Christine Duncan happened again just a few weeks ago.  A post I’d written for this blog was taken by someone else.  This time, whoever it was, had taken it, translated it into some unknown language and then re-translated it, badly, back into English.  The post, which was  originally titled Getting a Heads up on Taxes came out of all the translations  to something like A heads on Taxation.  The body of the post was even worse as the translator’s English seemed to deteriorate from there.

I naturally told the joker in a comment that I was the original author and I wanted it taken down–but I’m still a bit frosted.  How can we write and have people steal the very words we sweated over–and not be a bit perturbed?

I’m at the point where I wonder if we have to copyright everything–and how is that even possible?  So maybe next time it happens, I’ll settle for blaring the offender’s name all over the web from Twitter to Facebook–with pithy comments on their manhood–or lack thereof.  His name–if it is his real name and he hasn’t stolen that too–will be worse than mud!

Hey, Blog Thieves!  If you need content–I’m happy to guest post.  For Free!  I’ll send you something and you can put it up (with proper attribution.)  But don’t mangle my stuff and then put it up.  Don’t steal my words and take my name off the post either.  Don’t expect that I’ll take it as a complement when you cheat like that.  Words are all we writers have.  It’s like stealing a carpenter’s tools.

Rant over.  I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled blog posts.


5 responses to “Stolen Blog Posts by Christine Duncan

  1. Christine, you have every right to be ticked off. It happened to me as well. It’s like having someone break into your home and stealing your possessions. I just ignored it, but you’re right, it wouldn’t hurt to let other people know what a slime ball this person is.

  2. So far nobody has lifted mine. I guess it’s because no one else writes or has lived physician bluegrass fiction. I agree with you, though. They’re your ideas and words. People should read and learn from them, but stealing is out.

    Dr. B

  3. Your words ARE already copyrighted even if you haven’t registered them – and I doubt the registration would make much difference to these sleazeballs.

    I think your best bet is to publicly call the thieves out. Sorry you had to experience this frustration.

  4. Yeah!

  5. Absolutely!

    Nothing worse than having your post used without permission, or at the very least, proper credit.

    Get nasty and brutal.

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