New Year goals

I wish I could say I’m publising this a day late because I want to make sure my New Year goals post is timely (it’s NYE here in Sydney).  Truth is, I lost track of the days and forgot to do it yesterday.  The luxury of holidays…

So over the last week and a bit, I’ve noticed that i’ve been processing all that’s happened this year.  It’s been a pretty challenging one for me personally and I think it’s important to acknowledge that.   I’m hoping that after tonight’s blue moon, I’ll feel a little more able to let go of 2009 and all its challenges. 

Jenny Henkins (on behalf of a Yahoo writing group) e-mailed some ideas for letting go of 2009 and starting 2010 with purpose.  

What were your GOALS for 2009?

Writing goal was to land and editor/publisher.

Personal goal was to secure a new job.


What did you accomplish in 2009?

Secured a new job (dream job in fact).

Edited novel.


What did you attempt but didn’t work out so well?

Unable to secure an editor/publisher for non-fiction MS.


What changes do you need to make?

Continue editing fiction, start querying on that.  Take another look at the non-fiction – might need to change the tone.

What are your writing goals for 2010?

Finish the fiction MS and non-fiction text to a level where they are HOT and sell themselves.

Start writing my (crime) novel.

Select an overall target goal for the year.

Secure a publishing deal for either or both works.

What steps do you need to take to accomplish these goals on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?

Daily:  Keep editing and be open to new ideas.  Keep striving for greatness in my writing.

Weekly:  Researching and create a list of target editors/publishers for the work.

Monthly: Send out queries and keep sending them out.

How about you?  What has 2009 brought and what are you looking to achieve in 2010?



6 responses to “New Year goals

  1. I think it’s been a rough one globally. 2009 was more like a sharpening of the saw for me (see Covey’s “Seven Habits”). I’m thrilled about 2010. You’ll be experiencing it way before most of the rest of us! Happy New Year!

  2. 2009 finally brought me a little success, in the way of having a short story published in a small e-zine in mid-September.

    For 2010, I plan on finishing my current novel and after a three year hiatus, start querying agents/publishers again. I also plan on exploring further the type of story that got me published in the first place (lightly spiritual).

  3. You’re right about sharpening the saw in 2009 Herman. I had that conversation only y’day with a friend. And G, lets help each other with the querying process….it’s important to have a cheer squad during that time. Would love to read your short story. Where can I find that?

  4. It can be found here at this link.

    Hope you like it.

    As for the cheer squad, I could use whatever support I can find. Thanks.

  5. I like that, Georgie. It gives that feeling of quietness–peace that you get when you finally get away to the high country–good stuff.

  6. Many thanks for the compliment.

    It’s been tough to duplicate (got one in a similiar vien that’s not quite there yet) but it seems like a good niche to explore.

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